Street Walking is Honourable Profession for Haters of Israel

By Con George-Kotzabasis

A  humorous short reply to: Disturbing: Israeli Youth Help Raze Entire Bedouin Village
The Washington Note July 31, 2010

As I’ve said before, Clemons on the issue of Israel has become an agent provocateur in his ‘day-light’ job. But not being fully gratified with this occupation he has found a new one, a moon-lighting job as a political street walker, willing to be ‘sheathed’ by the first ‘flashing’ sword of any random passer-by at any price, as long as it is at the expense of Israel.

And it is interesting to see all the ‘red light’ professionals with their Arab clientele in this thread, coming out in support of Clemons up to the ‘hilt of the sheath’.

American Liberals Espouse the Building of Mosque on Ground Zero

By Con George-Kotzabasis

Short reply to: Bravo: Fareed Zakaria’s Ethical Stand on Mosque

By Steve Clemons The Washington Note August 06, 2010

Clemons, and his senseless and insensitive cohorts on this thread, may well “salute” Zakaria for “this exceptional leadership.” But he can only do so by the devaluation of all values. To put the sensitivities of ‘moderate’ Muslims who can still blame America for 9/11, like the imam behind the building of the Mosque, whose religion for hundreds of years has profoundly failed to produce anything of value in the social, economic, political, and scientific sphere of man and whose sole contemporary staple product is terror, above the sensitivities of the victim’s relatives and of a fully justifiable aggrieved America emanating from the barbarous and atrocious attack of 9/11 that was bred and nourished within the confines of Muslim religion and culture, is to devaluate all morality and human decency, not to emphasize the political bankruptcy of those who espouse such “exceptional leadership.”