Democracy in Egypt:Will History Crown Neocons with Victory?

I’m republishing this short piece as the bell tolls for democracy is deafening in Tunisia and in Egypt, and indeed, in the whole region, that is being governed by autocrats.  


By Con George-Kotzabasis

As I had predicted 45 months ago in a paper of mine titled Blueprint for Victory in Iraq published on my blog Nemesis on March 2007, the new strategy of the Surge would make 2007 the Annus Mirabilis for President Bush. If it’s true that the Iraq government has “satisfactorily met” 15 out of the 18 benchmarks set up by Congress and the more recent provincial elections in which 51% of registered voters casted their vote in tranquil surroundings, then Iraq seems to be taking the first strong strides toward democracy and could become a model for the region, that was the goal of the neo-conservatives in the first Bush administration, such as Paul Wolfowitz. And it will be ironic after the buckets of bile the liberal intelligentsia emptied upon the neocons, history will be placing the crown of victory on their heads.