New Democracy under Strong Leadership of Samaras Will Win Election on June 17

The following piece was writen two days before the election in Greece.

By Con George-Kotzabasis June 15

The survival of nations may sometimes depend on the life of one man. Edward Gibbon

It is inordinately difficult, even for a modern Tiresias, to predict the outcome of the Greek elections, especially when voters are actuated by their intense hopes and fears about the results of either the pro or anti-memorandum scenario that would affect so profoundly their future existence. However judging from the swift change of Syriza’s policy only few days before the voting from the hard position of denouncing the Memorandum to the soft position of solely re-negotiating the burdensome points of the Memorandum with the European leaders, which is no different from the position of New Democracy, Pasok, and the Democratic Left, Syriza was forced to change its intransigent stand in annulling the Memorandum, as it was pronounced in its pre-electoral programme last week, as a result, I suspect, of an internal private poll that showed clearly that New Democracy was outdistancing by a wide margin Syriza in the opinion poll, thus compelling the latter to abandon its principle policy of annulling the Memorandum that apparently scared the electorate that such action would entail Greece’s exit from the Eurozone. Now Syriza sings its hosannas to re-negotiating the Memorandum and making a desperate attempt to join the chorus of reason from its previous dangerous position of denouncing it and taking Greece out of the European Union. But this reversal of policy is too late for Syriza and is exposing it also to the fraud that it attempted to perpetrate on the Greek people.

Antonis Samaras, the illustrious leader of New Democracy, in his sagacious move to form a Pro-European Patriotic Front that would anchor Greece within Europe while negotiating the shoals of the Memorandum that threatened the country’s sinking into everlasting debt and economic poverty, will be the justified victor of the election on June 17. The Tsipras phenomenon was always a flash in the pan and as soon as it was placed upon the burning coals of reality would be blackened and return back to its true colour that from the beginning was its natural intellectual and political shade.

American’s Leftist Bias against Israel Makes him Detached from Reality

By Con George-Kotzabasis

It is not surprising that Kervick after losing so much blood from the hammering nails of WigWag would make such an intellectually bloodless counter-riposte to the latter’s concrete and cogent argument. To back up his phantasms of “Zionists undermining European Unity” and the resurgence of Enlightenment in Europe, what does he bring up, the “Erdogan exchange with Peres” and the “racialist and sectarian haters to alienate Europeans from their Muslim citizens.” The so called “attempt by Zionist activists to drive a wedge between the US and Turkey, to quote Kervick, even if it was true, has nothing to do with the major premise of his contention that Zionists were undermining Europe. Further his argument that Zionists promote conflict among Europeans against their Muslim citizens is staggering in its vacuity and lack of contact with the real world. The Europeans are in conflict with their Muslim citizens not because of racialism and sectarianism but as a result of the great threat of internal and external Muslim terror. To suggest that the reasonable fear and concern  that Europeans have against Muslims after the murder of their filmmakers and threatened lives of their cartoonists by Muslim fanatics has its roots in racialism, sectarianism, and ethnic chauvinism spawned by Zionists, shows how completely Kervick is detached and uprooted from reality.

America’s Power Decline a Pseudo-Reality

“The U.S. Matters” vs. “No It Doesn’t”

Washington Note, April 28, 2008

A reply to an American Liberal

By Con George-Kotzabasis

While Dan Kervick’s perception of power as relative is “deep” his non-application of this concept of power to the U.S. is strange and makes his argument about the “decline” of the latter shallow and misleading. In his second post he uses ironically by a mental lapse the misconception of “absolute power” to demonstrate the decline of U.S. power. But the U.S. post the Cold-War is still “six inches” taller than all the other countries of the world and therefore according to his reasoning still remains, in relative terms, the dominant power. Unless he can show that any other nation or group of nations have grown “taller” or are very close to becoming so than the U.S., the “decline” of the latter in terms of power is a pseudo-reality. Moreover, to refer to the indisputable fact of the economic development and strength of countries in Europe and in Asia as a demonstration that America is becoming in terms of geopolitical power weak contradicts the also obvious fact that economic power is not automatically translated into military power, as both Germany and Japan illustrate.

David Hume’s “habit of obedience” is natural in a state when other countries are threatened by another strong power as it was during the Cold-War, but it becomes unnatural in an “anarchic” competitive world when that threat is no longer there. And, indeed, Kervick argues in those terms during the confrontation with the Soviet Union. However, the habit of obedience in relation to the sole superpower has not disappeared but is in a state of hibernation. With the looming real threat of IslamoFascism it will come out of its dormant state and move once again to its natural state, as presently, among all the nations of the world, only America can decisively defeat this menacing mortal enemy of Western civilization.

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